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The Baker Victory Dental Team provides a mobile dental program that visits more than 35 school sites across Western New York each year.

Licensed by the New York State Department of Health's Bureau of Dental Health, the CHOMPERS program brings a team of licensed dentists and registered dental hygienists directly into a school. By using state of the art mobile equipment, the team can conduct assessments, cleanings, and even minor restorative care including fillings and tooth extraction.

Parents love the program because appointments are scheduled during the school day (parents can choose to be present during the appointment if they wish) and teachers love the program as an addition to their healthy lifestyle curriculums. Here are just a few examples about what people are saying about the Baker Victory School-Based Dental Program:


"Really appreciate services and kindness of staff. Thank you!"

"I love this program! Makes it so easy for working parents to know they are taken care of."

"The program was very nice and it also showed my son how to keep his teeth clean at all times and that is a wonderful thing for him to learn"


"Loved having dental program in the building-your staff are very friendly and accommodating"

"Students enjoy brushing their teeth and are happy to participate"

"The staff is amazing and children look forward to going. Great for healthy teeth awareness"


To learn how to bring the program to your child's school, contact (716) 828-7583 or chompers@olv-bvs.org. If the program is already at your child's school, use the form below to enroll.